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Hi people

I just want to let you see the email I received last week from the office of the EU Commissioners and maybe you all can follow up the urls left me by Hans. While it might have taken some time in arriving, at least it did when I can get nothing out of the Welsh Assembly neither Ministers for Energy or opposition parties emailing me back to say 'Hey Crazydave what a brilliant idea' Neither have I had any replies from Parliament or the House of Lords saying a similar thing. Considering that I have a blog titled SUSTAINABILITY AND THE WATER WHEEL first put on blogger in Sept 2006 you would have thought that the uk would have been at the for-front of the technology by now wouldn't you.

But its the bury their heads in the sand mentality down at Cardiff Bay especially when your name is David Gabriel or Crazydave that forwards ideas that have any efficacy whatsoever. So here is the email and I have sent it to some of the Usual Suspects for their delectation and hopefully not a little Twitchy Bum Syndrome when we as a Nation ask them to account for their refusal to respond to questions about this free source of electrical energy.

As for Freinds of the Earth well those suckers have treated me with the self same contempt as the Wrelsh Assembly, no reply to letters from them, in this day and age of staged protest coverage I sometimes wonder if they like the Labour party havent be infultrated by those who don't have SUSTAINABILITY at heart.

Here is the Email then and any who get this far I would appreciate you copy pasting it and sending it to one of your MP's or AM's or what ever you have in the EU in your countries so that it is a Global Initiative. Especially for those in the Third World who live along river banks and could do with free supply of their Electric.

from: on behalf of

Dear Sir,
Thank you for yor email of 4 February 2008 concerning micro water wheels, adressed to Matthias Ruete and Commissioner Piebalgs. The Commissioner and Mr Ruete have asked me to reply on their behalf.

The Commission agrees with you that small-scale hydroelectric power can make a positive contribution to pollution-free, renewable power generation.

To promote electricity production from such installations and other types of renewable energy sources, the EU adopted in 2001 Directive 2001/77/EC on the promotion of the electricity produced from renewable energy source in the internal electricity market ( This directive inter alia sets indicative targets for the share of electricity to be produced in each Member State.

More recently, in January 2008 the Commission has made a proposal for a new directive introducing a range of requirements on Member States and setting binding targets to ensure a renewable energy share of 20% in the EU by 2020.

However, it is up to the Member States' national, regional or local authorities to assess where and what kind of individual installations should be sited and to put in place measures that might be required to make it economically attractive to build such installations.

It is worth mentioning that you are not alone with being enthusiastic about the persepectives of small-scale hydropower - the European Small Hydropower Association gathers stakeholders seeking to promote this technology (see and currently is undertaking a project that receives support from the EU (
Best regards,

Hans van Steen Head of UnitDirectorate General for Energy and TransportNew and renewable sources of energy, Energy efficiency & InnovationUnit D1 - Regulatory policy & Promotion of renewable energyDM24 04/132+ 32 2 295 37 98+ 32 2 295 98 16

Love n Light people from Crazydave

All the best in this instance means cheap as chips electricity for all.

PS as ALKAHOL is the means by which bio-fuels are made and as ALKAHOL can be produced from any decaying matter with yeast, why aren't we utilising all the vegetable waste in this country or the fallow feilds to produce the necessary to make as much ALKAHOL possible to generate the necessary fuel we need that is not petroleum based????????

Oh and here is an update video of the water wheel along the Taff Trail that looks that it has had some work done on clearing it when though does the Welsh Assembly intend to have it back up and running and producing Electricity????? Title of video EMVIRONMENT AGENCY TO RE-OPEN WATERWHEEL

This is what came back from the Police Authority email address guess they have me blocked

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed.

anyone care to forward this to them on my behalf.

and on the usual suspects copy of this blog I put the following

''Hi there Usual Suspect dudes Yes here is the blog ot the email I have received from the office of the EU I trust that those who have previously had a copy will look at the end of the blog as it askes other questions on alternative energy supply that link in with the arrest blog. I wonder if the Police are issuing Nicotine patches to smokers that they have arrested, so that they do not suffer unnecessary withdrawl while being held in custody, eh Chief Constable????????? as part of Criminals are human beings not scum even if they act like it??? Crazydave''.

Thinking about it afterwards I would prefer to have an inhailer rather than patches, for freudian and hand to mouth do something reasons.

Love n Light people.

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